Recon Research Highlights Web Conferencing as the Future of the Workplace

Enterprise Connect’s virtual conference and expo for 2020 featured a wide variety of sessions on communications and collaboration for the enterprise. In this fourteenth...

Cisco Introduces Webex Classrooms and the Webex Control Hub

On September 1, 2020, Info-Tech briefed with Cisco about current and upcoming features of its Unified Webex app for September. Significant changes include the...

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy

The most important aspect of implementing a digital workspace is organizational change management. To truly take advantage of these advertised benefits, IT needs a...
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Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Executive Brief

If IT does this alone, the digital workspace will fail to achieve the desired benefits.

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Phases 1-3

Ensure people spend less time searching, more time getting work done while working remotely.

Digital Workspace Strategy Template

This strategy template will help you to quickly build an effective approach to digital workspaces.

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Phase 3: Identify Initiatives and a High-Level Roadmap

Take an agile approach to building your digital workspace.

Sample Digital Workspace Value Proposition

Analyze user needs to ensure that your digital workspace provides real user value

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Phase 2: Identify High-Level Requirements

Drive requirements through a well-designed value proposition.

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Phase 1: Identify the Digital Workspace You Want to Build

Ensure that the digital workspace addresses real problems the business is facing.
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