Mobile Strategy TCO Calculator

Costs are often the main impetus for developing a new mobile strategy. Use this tool to reveal the true cost of your mobile strategy.

End-User Mobile Device Survey Module

Rather than inundating employees with yet another survey to complete, obtain feedback on mobile strategy and mobile devices by inserting this module into existing surveys...

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Phase 2: Identify Goals and Craft the Mobile Strategy

Create a future vision for mobility in your organization.

Mobility Vision & Business Case Template

Create a compelling business case to present a vision for enterprise mobility and gain buy-in for the mobile strategy.

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Phase 3: Develop Initiatives and Finalize the Mobile Strategy

Craft a plan to implement the mobile strategy.

Mobile Strategy Template

Formalize your strategy in a document that combines your mobility vision, with a plan to attain it.

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy

Mobile is evolving quickly; BYOD used to be the next big thing, but enthusiasm has waned. Enterprises must decide which mobile strategy will let them keep up in a mobile...
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Desktop Move/Add/Change Policy

The desktop move/add/change policy provides guidelines for end users to request a move, add, or change to their desktop computing environments.

PC Power Management Policy

The power management policy defines the roles of all employee groups as well as their responsibilities when it comes to power reduction; additionally, this policy...

Printer Policy

The printer policy is essential for business function. This policy helps control printing practices and costs within the organization.
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