Drive Ongoing Adoption With an M365 Center of Excellence

User adoption and setting up guardrails in governance are the focuses of the CoE in its early stages. Purge obsolete data from legacy share servers, and rationalize...

Drive Ongoing Adoption With an M365 Center of Excellence - Storyboard

Accelerate business processes change and get more value from your subscription by building and sharing, thanks to an effective Centre of Excellence.

Build a Data Classification MVP for M365 Storyboard

Kickstart your governance with data classification users will actually use!

Build a Data Classification MVP for M365

Information protection and governance is NOT something you do once and then you are complete. It is a constant process where you start with the basics (MVP) and enhance...

UCaaS in 2022: Top Three Trends

This note highlights the top three trends to watch for in the 2022 UCaaS marketspace: AR/VR digital workspaces will see sustained investment; UCaaS and customer...

Run Better Meetings

The pandemic introduced many to the importance of running meetings well, whether they are held in person, remotely, or in a hybrid delivery model. You have an opportunity...
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Meeting Challenges and Best Practices

Identify your organization's key meeting challenges and best practices to fix them.

Run Better Meetings – Executive Brief

Meetings are hard enough when everyone is in person, never mind when they're virtual or hybrid meetings.

Run Better Meetings – Phases 1-3

Hybrid, virtual, or in person – set meeting best practices that support your desired meeting norms. Begin to run better meetings by identifying your meetings' current...

Communications Guide Poster Template

Use this poster as a visual aid to guide users toward the best communication channel for different message types.
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