WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update: What Not to Do

What can a messaging app teach us about Change Management?

Knowledgebase Article Template

An accurate and comprehensive record of the incident management process, including a description of the incident, any workarounds identified, the root cause (if...

UCaaS in 2021: The Top Three Trends

This note highlights the top three trends to watch for in the 2021 UCaaS market.

Briefing: BlueJeans by Verizon

On October 29, 2020, Verizon briefed on BlueJeans’ product vision and direction. This note outlines the new and upcoming features that users can expect from BlueJeans for...

Webinar: Successfully Navigate the Collaboration Tools Market

Exploring the enterprise collaboration tool marketspace is difficult. The problem with finding a suitable collaboration tool is that there are many ways to collaborate,...

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy

The most important aspect of implementing a digital workspace is organizational change management. To truly take advantage of these advertised benefits, IT needs a...
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Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Executive Brief

If IT does this alone, the digital workspace will fail to achieve the desired benefits.

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Phases 1-3

Ensure people spend less time searching, more time getting work done while working remotely.

Build a Digital Workspace Strategy – Phase 1: Identify the Digital Workspace You Want to Build

Ensure that the digital workspace addresses real problems the business is facing.

Digital Workspace Strategy Template

This strategy template will help you to quickly build an effective approach to digital workspaces.
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