Discover AI Use Cases in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is on the rise and shows significant potential benefits to increase operational efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and...

Business Data Catalog

Use the Business Data Catalog to manage the business terms, their definitions, and other important details including ownership, systems, and how the data should be used...

Build an IT Strategy for Small Enterprises – Phases 1-3

Small enterprise IT leaders must understand both business and IT in terms of goals, capabilities, and initiatives to effectively build and execute a roadmap.

Build Your Infrastructure Roadmap – Phase 3: Build the Roadmap

This phase of the blueprint Build the Business by Building an Infrastructure Roadmap will help you communicate your roadmap to business stakeholders.

Build Your Infrastructure Roadmap – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why Infrastructure organizations need to take proactive control in interfacing with the business and managing their work.

Five Ways to Increase Technology Adoption Rates for Small Enterprise Healthcare

Don’t waste resources on failed health information technology initiatives. Build a robust stakeholder and change management program to improve technology adoption outcomes.

Tie Wi-Fi Upgrades to Business Goals for Education

Faculty, staff, and students want better wireless internet. They don’t care how Wi-Fi is improved, just that it is. Upgrade wireless coverage, speed, and uptime in order...

Confidently Ask for More IT Staff in Public Administration

Supporting the technological needs of public administrations is difficult. Maintaining high levels of IT service and support is even more challenging without adequate...

Improve Data Quality in the Small Enterprise Storyboard

Use Info-Tech's research to ensure that data quality best practices are integrated within your current IT organization. Identify how data can be leveraged in your current...

Improve Data Quality in the Small Enterprise

Data is becoming an increasingly integral part of conducting business, across a wide breadth of industries. Data can serve as an organization’s greatest asset or its...
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