Utilities - Storyboard

Digital Use Case Library: Electric Utilities Storyboard

The energy transition is driving an unprecedented rate of change in electric utilities. Utilities must develop a digital North Star and tactical strategy to guide their...

Priorities for Adopting an Exponential IT Mindset in the Utilities Industry Storyboard

The utilities industry urgently needs to adopt Exponential IT to counter industry disruptions. The report emphasizes four key priorities of Exponential IT transformation,...

Build a Water Utility Digital Twin Roadmap Storyboard

A tactical framework for water utility leaders that assists them in their digital twin roadmap planning.

Fast-Track Your DERMS Business Case Storyboard

This report aims to offer a practical business case framework, enabling utilities to examine their DERMS requirements and proactively assess their readiness for DERMS...

Modern CIS Solutions Powered by AI Storyboard

This deck provides a practical guide and is a tool to empower utility leaders to make well-informed decisions regarding the adoption of AI-powered CIS solutions.

Utilities GIS Digital Use Case Report Deck

This overview provides insights into the latest and most impactful GIS digital use cases utilities space focused in six sources of value across six opportunity areas.

Establish Business-Sponsored Utility Asset Management KPIs Storyboard

Use this tool to define a specific process for managing security incidents and reducing their effects on the organization.

Generative AI Use Case Library for the Utilities Industry Storyboard

This library of generative AI use cases in the utilities industry provides insights into the latest and most impactful Gen AI use cases.

Define Your Cloud Vision for the Utilities Industry – Phases 1-4

Define your cloud vision before it defines you.

Build a Utilities Business-Aligned IT Strategy – Phases 1-4

Align with the business by creating an IT strategy that documents the target state, current state, and a roadmap.
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