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Benchmarking Reports

Industry-specific benchmarking reports built on years of in-depth industry data, collected using our innovative diagnostic programs. We aggregate the data across hundreds of IT departments in your industry to give you tailored vertical insights, all packaged in professional boardroom-ready reports.

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Not for Profit Reference Architecture

Reference architectures built on years of industry expertise, honed by analysts working with real IT professionals in your industry. Leverage industry best practices so you don’t waste time and money reinventing the wheel.

Not for Profit Research Notes

Short, tailored research notes aimed at providing you with timely insights, relevant to your industry. Hot off the press, these notes will be published regularly and pair great with your morning coffee.

Blockchain and Public Institutions: Faith and Hope Through Mathematics

Date published:

March 19, 2018


  • John Annand

Currency speculation aside – blockchain is a hugely transformative technology uniquely suited to the distributed nature of municipal governments’ day-to-day life. Co-ordinating the activities of inter-governmental agencies at the provincial, state, and federal levels, not-for-profits, community groups, inspectors, and contractors would require significant central overhead to achieve. Plus these groups are frequently fiercely independent, at odds, or even outright suspicious of each other. Far better a decentralized approach, a platform that facilitates co-operation and collaboration without the need to trust a single central authority.

Strategies for Enabling an AI Future in the Public Sector

Date published:

March 5, 2018


  • Daniel Black

Government IT leaders are exploring the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline decision making, increase the efficiency of business processes, reduce human error, and improve the response time to cybersecurity events. Understand where early investments in AI are typically occurring and take the necessary steps to prepare your agency for the proliferation of AI-enabled technology.

Nonprofits: Know Your Limit, Build Your Security Program Within It

Date published:

July 14, 2017


  • Jessica Ireland

Nonprofits typically focus on their clients and services first – not a bad thing! However, to continue moving forward with their mission and vision, nonprofits need to make cybersecurity a part of their strategy discussions alongside next year’s fundraising goals.

Credit Cards and Charities: Are You Compliant?

Date published:

May 15, 2017


  • Jessica Ireland

Funding and fundraising are critical life-giving components to nonprofits – but they also present potential obstacles in the form of PCI DSS compliance. With a focus on raising funds by connecting to donors in any way possible, it is important to not overlook the financial and reputational costs of non-compliance to required standards.

Competition for Funding Drives Nonprofits to Intensify Project Benefits Tracking

Date published:

May 12, 2017


  • Barry Cousins

Tracking project benefits has been challenging for the past 20 years, yet the nonprofit sector is becoming more serious about tracking project benefits because of the intensified competition for project funding. To prove their mettle, many nonprofits are being forced into a level of benefits commitment that far exceeds the expectations of private corporations.