OT Governance 5 Whys Worksheet

Evaluation using the 5 Whys methodology to ensure that a thorough evaluation has taken place.

Redesign OT Governance to Drive Optimal Business Results Executive Presentation Template

Presentation of the high-level strategic plan.

OT Governance Automation Criteria Checklist

An effective tool for ensuring all requirements are satisfied.

OT Governance Planning Risk Register

Capture and manage risks associated with OT governance change management.

OT Program Governance Committee Charter

Used as a key planning and communication document.

OT PESTLE Analysis Template

A PESTLE analysis is a tool used to gain a macro picture of an industry environment.

OT Statement of Business Context Template

A tool to help guide the OT redesign.

OT Committee Template – Executive Management Committee

Overarching control of the initiative.

Digital Governance Committee Charter for OT

Formalize the role of those steering the digital solution.

OT Governance Implementation Plan

A simplified roadmap for implementing changes with a smaller team.
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