Mitigate Key IT Employee Knowledge Loss - Storyboard

Use this tool to define a specific process for managing security incidents and reducing their effects on the organization. Through effective knowledge transfer, minimize...

Factory of the Future – Smart Factory Trends for Durable Goods Storyboard

This strategic foresight trends report provides a high-level analysis, insights, and recommendations on trends and their respective technologies in the manufacturing...

Optimize Your Loyalty Program Through a Digital Strategy – Phases 1-4

Understand how a digital loyalty program strategy can support the business and help it stay competitive through the digital economy.

Build a Service-Based Security Resourcing Plan – Phases 1-3

This blueprint will walk you through the process of formally defining a security service portfolio and determining demand for each service, and the resourcing need to...

Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you create a diverse disruptive technology working group, a shortlist of disruptive technologies, and a proof of concept plan for each...

Improve Your IT Recruitment Process Capstone Deck

Train your IT department to get involved in the recruitment process to attract and select the best talent.

Domino – Maintain, Commit to, or Vacate? Storyboard

Believe it or not, Domino and Notes are still options to consider when determining a migration strategy. With HCL still committed to the platform, there are options...

Build an IT Succession Plan Storyboard

Losing employees in key roles without adequate preparation for their departure hinders productivity, knowledge retention, relationships, and opportunities. Practice sound...

Engineer Your Event Management Process – Phases 1-3

Engineer an effective event management process scoped to your environment. Establish appropriate actions for every monitored event to respond when that event is detected.

Off Field Data Reference Architecture Guide

Use this blueprint to evaluate your current off field data architecture, discover data driven digital opportunities for value creation, and construct a business case to...
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