The Small Enterprise Guide to People and Resource Management – Phases 1-3

Use this blueprint to lay the foundation of people and resources management practices in your SE IT department.

Next-Generation InfraOps Storyboard

IT Operations continue to be challenged by increasing needs for scale and speed. We’ve seen Agile evolve into DevOps, then different “xOps” that are too many to count....

Marketing Management Suite Software Selection Guide Storyboard

Streamline your organizational approach to the selection of a right-sized marketing management suite (MMS) platform.

Modernize the Venue to Revitalize Live Events – Storyboard

Comprehend why venue modernization is critical to remain competitive, understand the high-value use cases that an organization can adopt into their own venue, and decide...

Utilities Cybersecurity Report

Info-Tech’s Utilities Cybersecurity Report provides an overview of the cybersecurity landscape that leaders are facing today. It offers key insights and practical...

Align Projects With the IT Change Lifecycle Storyboard

Use this storyboard to align projects within your IT change management lifecycle.

Transition Projects Over to the Service Desk Storyboard

This storyboard will help build a strategy to shift service support from the project team to the service desk, resulting in customer service and agent satisfaction...

AI Trends Report 2023

Use this trends report to understand AI trends and AI research developments to plan and access the future applications of AI for your organization.

The State of Black Professionals in Tech Report

This report summarizes some of the experiences, including barriers and solutions, for Black professionals in IT.

The Connected Factory Storyboard

Having a connected factory is a great benefit and is also critical for competitive standing. Companies that don't connect the factory are prone to higher overhead costs...
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