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Set Your Sights on the Six Software Testing Targets

IT managers with a desire to understand software testing can quickly become overwhelmed by the various types of testing, all seeming equally important. However, when...

Going 'Green' Hear Why and How It's Important for Your Enterprise

6:45 minutes - This podcast explores the awareness of green issues and the adoption of green technologies within the IT environment.

"The First 100 Days" Podcast – Alan Fong, CTO, DealerFX

The CTO of DealerFX, describes how he worked with a recruiter to find his new opportunity and how he's navigating meeting his peers in the early days and learning how to...

"The First 100 Days" Podcast – Denis Gaudreault, country manager for Intel’s Canada and Latin America region

In this episode, Denis Gaudreault describes an exchange he did with his counterpart in Intel's France operations, and how he was able to quickly integrate with the new...

"The First 100 Days" Podcast – Dave Penny & Andrew Wertkin, BlueCat

BlueCat executive Andrew Wertkin describes how he shifted from being chief technology officer into a new role that he created, chief strategy officer. Dave Penny is the...

"The First 100 Days" Podcast – Susan Bowen, CEO, Aptum

Susan Bowen was promoted internally to head up a company division as President, then steered it through a transitional period into being a standalone firm and taking on...

"The First 100 Days" Podcast – Wayne Berger, CEO IWG Plc Canada and Latin America

Wayne Berger describes how he went on a cross-country town hall tour to meet his large workforce soon after taking on the CEO role at IWG Plc. Canada and Latin America.

"The First 100 Days" Podcast – Eric Wright, CEO, LexisNexis Canada

Eric Wright describes his transition from the consulting industry to the legal services industry in becoming CEO for LexisNexis Canada. Opening channels of communication...

"The First 100 Days" Podcast – Erin Bury, CEO, Willful

Erin Bury describes her experience as a lead executive in two different company situations. First as the director for a communications firm serving a niche clientele,...

2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 4 Podcast: How will we work with AI in 2035?

Interview with Timothy Minahan, EVP Strategy and CMO, Citrix
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