Healthcare - Storyboard

Empowering Health Management Technologies for Underserved Populations Storyboard

Through electronic systems or mobile apps, digital systems are becoming a part of health care around the world. Despite increasing prevalence of smartphones and internet...

Navigate the HIPAA Landscape Storyboard

As healthcare organizations embrace innovation, they must prioritize secure handling of patient data with robust security protocols. Navigating the complex and evolving...

Priorities for Adopting an Exponential IT Mindset in the Healthcare Industry Storyboard

The healthcare industry needs to urgently adopt Exponential IT to counter industry disruptions. This report emphasizes four key priorities of exponential IT...

COPS Business Reference Architecture Guide

This guide is designed to help community-oriented policing services members align with the organizational priorities of a law enforcement agency. It provides tools to...

Integrate Biomedical Device Management With IT Storyboard

An overview of the current biomedical device management, trends, connected device vulnerabilities and benefits of integrating with IT.

Interoperability: The True Power Behind the Digital Front Door Storyboard

This research offers public health and healthcare organizations eight key insights to unlock the full potential of the digital front door.

AI-Powered Precision Medicine to Improve Patient Outcomes Storyboard

Clinicians are exploring precision medicine as an alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach to medical treatment. AI-enabled precision medicine holds great promise...

Responsible AI Primer and Playbook for Public Health and Healthcare Organizations Storyboard

This playbook outlines how to build your AI roadmap, establish responsible AI principles, prioritize opportunities, and develop policies for usage. Establishing and...

Improve Healthcare Technology Outsourcing Success Storyboard

An overview of the different healthcare IT outsourcing models, drivers, benefits, considerations, and best practices for outsourcing to a managed services provider.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan for Healthcare – Phases 1-4

This blueprint will help you streamline your business continuity plan (BCP) process within the healthcare industry by following our four-phase methodology.
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