Overcome the Difficult Challenge of Prioritizing Investment in Healthcare Systems

When you draw a circle around a system and call it mission critical, that system carries a higher price tag. You can’t do this for all patient-care systems. Prioritize to...

Healthcare Innovation Is in the Genes

Traditional barriers to innovation in the healthcare industry must be overcome to adapt to an environment of aging baby boomers and relatively modest economic growth....

What a Doctor’s Access Levels Have to Do With Everyone’s Health (Data)

Securing on-premises and remote access for doctors and other healthcare professionals is imperative to keep hospitals out of the paper and all of our health data protected.

Optimized Healthcare Through Innovative Business Analytics

Healthcare costs continue to grow year over year, which causes many to question the way in which the money is spent and the resultant health of our citizens. How do we...

Dispelling the Hype: Making Real Improvements in Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence

For the last couple of years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been given more than its fair share of hype. However, the currently realistic applications of AI can...

Crowdsourcing Bridges the Gap Between Your Challenge and Artificial Intelligence

Could the wisdom of the lay crowd possibly measure up to the judgment of skilled faculty surgeons? Find out how a healthcare technology company leverages “artificial...

The 4 P’s of Big Healthcare Data: Leveraging Big Data to Build a 360-Degree View of the Patient

Big data is transforming the medical landscape and making medicine more personalized, predictive, population-based, and prudent. Yet more is needed to make these benefits...

Realizing the Value and Mitigating the Security Risks of IoT in Healthcare

The impact of IoT in the healthcare industry presents great opportunities for adequately prepared CIOs, and great risks for those who fail to effectively plan for the future.

Data Integration in Healthcare, the Key to a Healthier Future

This note focuses on the opportunities of data and analytics in healthcare, and that before these can be realized, organizations need to focus on improved data...

Healthcare IT Alignment Report

Get a detailed view of how the healthcare industry ranks across a given area based on data collected via Info-Tech’s diagnostic programs.
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