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Benchmarking Reports

Industry-specific benchmarking reports built on years of in-depth industry data, collected using our innovative diagnostic programs. We aggregate the data across hundreds of IT departments in your industry to give you tailored vertical insights, all packaged in professional boardroom-ready reports.

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Energy Reference Architecture

Reference architectures built on years of industry expertise, honed by analysts working with real IT professionals in your industry. Leverage industry best practices so you don’t waste time and money reinventing the wheel.

Energy Research Notes

Short, tailored research notes aimed at providing you with timely insights, relevant to your industry. Hot off the press, these notes will be published regularly and pair great with your morning coffee.

Integrate Digital Strategy Into Oil and Gas

Date published:

June 22, 2017


  • Andy Liu

This note highlights how the implementation of an integrated digital strategy can create substantial value for oil and gas companies. The integration of information technology capabilities into the way upstream, mid-stream, and downstream business is conducted will usher in a new age of value.

Explore Blockchain in Oil and Gas

Date published:

September 15, 2017


  • Andy Liu

The oil and gas industry is no stranger to technological innovation in its upstream business. Since the first well was drilled for oil, there has been non-stop innovation to get oil out of the ground faster and more cheaply. This article explores the application of blockchain technology in the oil and gas industry.

Handling the Surge: Big Data in the Energy Sector

Date published:

July 18, 2017


  • Kolade Odetoyinbo

Given the two-wave deluge stemming from volatile climate patterns and smarter technology that is able to capture vast and varied amounts of data, energy providers need to ready their data infrastructure and management practices to become data driven in order to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

Be Proactive About Protecting Industrial Control Systems From the Dangers of the Internet

Date published:

May 17, 2017


  • Ian Mulholland

The energy sector has seen a rise in threats in recent years as threat actors continue to exploit vulnerabilities of industrial control systems to engage in cyberespionage and sabotage. With so many consumers relying on the energy distributed by the organizations in this sector, avoiding sabotage is a necessity. The recommendations outlined in this note will help you develop a proactive mindset toward security, which will be your most powerful tool in protecting the critical infrastructure under your care.

Oil & Gas Companies Should Leverage IoT to Improve Profitability

Date published:

May 12, 2017


  • Mitansh Dave

The oil and gas industry has experienced an extended period of low crude oil prices, increased environmental and safety regulations, and difficulty discovering new economically viable oil reserves. The oil and gas industry can use the Internet of Things to increase production, decrease costs, and minimize risk to the environment.