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Benchmarking Reports

Industry-specific benchmarking reports built on years of in-depth industry data, collected using our innovative diagnostic programs. We aggregate the data across hundreds of IT departments in your industry to give you tailored vertical insights, all packaged in professional boardroom-ready reports.

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Chemicals Reference Architecture

Reference architectures built on years of industry expertise, honed by analysts working with real IT professionals in your industry. Leverage industry best practices so you don’t waste time and money reinventing the wheel.

Chemicals Research Notes

Short, tailored research notes aimed at providing you with timely insights, relevant to your industry. Hot off the press, these notes will be published regularly and pair great with your morning coffee.

Service Parity Across Segregated Networks

Date published:

April 16, 2018


  • Darin Stahl

Utilities with high-risk, production-critical operational technology (OT) are increasingly managing process control systems (PCS) on networks that are physically separated from the business network (BN). While this provides secure isolation from risks, physical segregation is introducing service management challenges. Ensure service parity across segregated networks with a data diode.

Reduce the Likelihood and Impact of a Breach in the Chemical Sector by Focusing on the End Users

Date published:

December 11, 2017


  • Ian Mulholland

While all industries are at risk of being targeted by threat actors of any kind, the chemical sector is at an increased risk due to the sensitive information they store related to dangerous materials, in addition to the storage of the dangerous materials themselves. Consequently, a successful breach could result in disaster, as both the information and chemicals could put lives at risk. With organizations moving towards adopting internet-enabled technology (SCADA, ICS, etc.) to improve business processes, the employees that handle these technologies and the information they contain have become an enticing target for hackers. Organizations within the chemical sector must consider the human threat vector when developing a cybersecurity strategy to reduce the likelihood and impact of a successful breach.

Predictive Analytics Are the Future of Chemical Manufacturing

Date published:

July 19, 2017


  • Jordan Detmers

Put away your Six Sigma Black Belt! Predictive analytics will give chemical companies the necessary insights to improve processes beyond what Lean and Six Sigma manufacturing can accomplish.

A New Compound Is Forming with the Internet of Things and Chemicals Manufacturing

Date published:

May 4, 2017


  • Zev Skolnik

The Internet of Things will soon be a major part of the chemicals industry. Know what trends are coming and how to integrate them with your business.