Service Cost Cheat Sheet for Azure

Document cost factors by cloud service.

SAP S/4HANA Terms and Conditions Evaluator

Use the SAP S/4HANA Terms and Conditions Evaluator to understand the impact of important terms and conditions on your contract

Software M&S Inventory and Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to inventory and prioritize your organizations software and maintenance commitments.

Software Vendor Classification Tool

Use this tool to classify your software vendors and M&S into the DORS quadrants: Strategic, Required, Operational, and Discretionary.

Software M&S Value of Investment Tool

Use this VOI tool to validate and calculate the value of software M&S spend over time.

Data Quality Practice Assessment and Project Planning Tool

Use this tool to perform a detailed assessment of your organization's data quality practice capabilities and identify gaps that will direct your overall data quality...

BI Practice Assessment Tool

The BI Practice Assessment Tool will help you analyze your organization's BI practice, determine the BI maturity level, and systematically develop a plan for your target...

BI Initiatives and Roadmap Tool

This tool will help you transform the business intelligence activities from Phases 1 and 2 into comprehensive improvement initiatives, assign responsibility to...

Cloud Cost Management Worksheet

Document your cloud cost management processes and procedures.

Cloud Cost Management Capability Assessment

Assess your organization's cloud cost management capabilities.
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