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Select and Implement an ERP Solution

Selecting and implementing an ERP is one of the most expensive and time-consuming technology transformations an organization can undertake....

Data & Business Intelligence

Drive Business Innovation With a Modernized Data Warehouse Environment

The relational data warehouse is reaching its limits in supporting the data and analytics needs of business users today. Create a plan for...

Industry Research

Vendor Landscape: Digital Signage Software

In this digital age, a dedicated commitment to the omnichannel will achieve superior customer experiences that will pay dividends through...


Integrate Threat Intelligence Into Your Security Operations

Organizations are struggling to get ahead of threats as they continue to respond reactively rather than proactively. Don’t be left behind....

Vendor Management

Review Top Contracts to Level the Playing Field With Key IT Vendors

Use a reliable and repeatable process to review IT contracts. Such a process will ensure you catch all the key details to maximize benefits for...

Infrastructure & Operations

Vendor Landscape: Unified Communications as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service has brought the tools necessary to maximize flexibility, collaboration, and user mobility at all levels of...


Implement a New Organizational Structure

Managing organizational design (OD) changes effectively is critical to maintaining IT service levels and retaining top talent throughout a...

Industry Research

Strengthen Tribal HR’s Stakeholder Management Capabilities

In tribal contexts, stakeholder relationships can be more complex due to overlap of tribal and business governance. Strengthen stakeholder...

Enterprise Architecture

Create a Right-Sized Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework

Rarely do organizations get the EA governance framework right and EA governance is often perceived as an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy because...

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