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Vendor Management

Make Prudent Decisions When Increasing Your Salesforce Footprint

Educate your organization on Salesforce’s product offerings, licensing methods and contract types to enable informed purchasing decisions. In...

Infrastructure & Operations

Implement IT Asset Management

Executives are aware of the benefits asset management offers, but many organizations lack a defined ITAM program. Efforts to implement ITAM are...

Project & Portfolio Management

Prepare to Successfully Deploy PPM Software

This project blueprint will help you prepare to successfully deploy a new PPM suite at your organization that can be sustainably adopted in the...


Develop and Conduct Threat and Risk Assessments

IT departments are tasked with implementing new projects, but are often unsure how to assess the risk. Often, they use informal discussions which...

Infrastructure & Operations

Containers Survival Guide for Infrastructure

Containers are coming, and as enablers of development, infrastructure will be tasked with adopting them. Info-Tech’s approach to adopting...


Optimize the IT Operating Model

Traditional IT operating models tend to be static, and are not equipped to deal with evolving business needs. Organizations today have to adapt...

Infrastructure & Operations

Establish a Program to Enable Effective Performance Monitoring

Application issues caused by performance slowdowns or downtime will directly translate into negative experiences for your end users and...

Infrastructure & Operations

Implement High Availability for Mission Critical Databases

Efficient backup/recovery processes and technology will meet most recovery time and recovery point objectives. Implement database high...

Data & Business Intelligence

Select and Implement an Enterprise Content Management Solution

Information is the lifeforce of the modern organization. Managing it effectively provides a foundation on which transformational capabilities can...

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