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Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness Using STRIDE

Your perception of how well you are protected is only as good as the information you collect, and many organizations struggle with collecting the...


Lead Strategic Decision Making With Service Portfolio Management

Organizations often do not have standardized processes for the intake of new ideas and no consistent view of the drivers needed to assess the...

Infrastructure & Operations

Demystify Oracle Licensing and Optimize Spend

Oracle’s multiple contract types, informal policies regarding acceptable license usage, and rigid and complex support policies make understanding...


Become a Transformational CIO

A transformational CIO is a business leader who actively approaches business peers with opportunities for transformation, and who seeks to...


Build Your Data Security Armor to Withstand Attacks and Audits

Your organization’s data landscape is constantly changing, and the threats that can harm it are changing even faster. This blueprint helps you to...


Reduce Time to Consensus With an Accelerated Business Case

Build a compelling business case for the procurement of an enterprise application that demonstrates the drivers for decision making in your...


Spread Best Practices With an Agile Center of Excellence

As your Agile environment scales and team capabilities grow, the compatibility of existing management and governance structures will challenge...


Select and Implement an Identity and Access Management System

Identity and access management is a need-to-do-today, not a get-to-it-tomorrow endeavor. With users becoming more vulnerable every day, their...

Data & Business Intelligence

Break Open Your DAM With Intuitive Metadata

Although some may believe that metadata is an outdated form of search due to the natural language search of Google and other out-of-the-box...

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