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Prepare Your Application for PaaS

The development team is tasked with rewriting and redesigning an application to take advantage of a cloud environment. Teams must assess the...


Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Your Manufacturing Operations

Follow this blueprint to learn how to easily identify the AI initiatives that your organization is best positioned to implement and learn how to...


Drive IT Performance by Monitoring Employee Experience

Employee engagement is key to IT productivity and retention, and is the culmination of multiple day-to-day experiences. Targeting these...

Data & Business Intelligence

Go the Extra Mile With Blockchain

This blueprint reviews Info-Tech’s business-centric definition of blockchain around its key benefits and seeks to explore how the technology will...


Build and Deliver an Optimized IT Update Presentation

CIOs need to take charge of the IT value proposition, increasing the impact and strategic role of IT. Use your IT update presentation to focus...

Vendor Management

Master the Secrets of VMware Licensing to Maximize Your Investment

VMware's dominant market position and ownership of the virtualization market is forcing customers to focus on managing capacity demand to ensure...

Project & Portfolio Management

Refine Your Estimation Practices With Top-Down Allocations

As a portfolio manager, you’re expected to size projects for approval and intake before they have sufficient definition. The consequences of...


Initiate Your Service Management Program

Derive full value out of service management by running it like a program with defined goals that are tied to business needs and governance that...


Establish a Security Risk Governance Structure

Build a risk governance structure that makes it clear how security risks can be escalated within the organization and who has final decision...

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