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Discover Your Applications

This blueprint helps fight application sprawl by strengthening visibility in to the portfolio. With the central activity of...


Preparing for Technology Convergence in Manufacturing

With the increasing convergence of technology and growing cybersecurity risks, manufacturing companies need a unified approach to technology...


Build a Vendor Security Assessment Service

Risks from third parties are on the rise, but many organizations still struggle with how to tackle this problem. A risk-based approach is needed...


Improve Security Governance With a Security Steering Committee

Successful information security governance requires a venue to address security concerns with participation across the entire business. Without...

Team Leadership & Management

Equip Managers to Improve IT Team Effectiveness

Teams often fail to reach their full potential because teamwork presents unique challenges and complexities they are ill-equipped to tackle on...

Infrastructure & Operations

Harness Configuration Management Superpowers

Configuration management empowers almost every IT management and governance process. Create a plan to harness this superpower, one IT service at...


Build a Product Roadmap

This blueprint helps product owners or managers identify and build a tailored roadmap that aligns to their product’s characteristics and...


Position IT to Support and Be a Leader in Open Data Initiatives

Open data programs often don’t get the attention or resources they need to thrive. Build a more robust open data program by following this...

Vendor Management

Master the MSA for Your Managed Services Providers

IT organizations are becoming more reliant on managed services and products to meet internal and external needs. By understanding managed...

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