Enhance Your Application Architecture

Application architecture is not able to sufficiently support the dynamic technical needs of the business unless the right roles are consulted and the appropriate quality...
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Enhance Your Application Architecture – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why balancing application architecture quality with stakeholder functional needs is critical for success.

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the purpose of performing an enterprise architecture maturity assessment and why it's important for the organization.

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment Tool

This tool will help you assess the maturity of the EA department, and build a roadmap from the goals it generates.

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Presentation Template

This template will help you present the findings of the EA Maturity Assessment Tool to relevant stakeholders.

Assess Your Enterprise Architecture Maturity

EA teams need to understand the dynamic relationship between organizational complexity, operational maturity, and stakeholder value. This relationship forms the...
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Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment

Use this blueprint to define the maturity of the enterprise architecture department.

EA Views Taxonomy

This template is designed to help you understand the various architectural views set out by TOGAF, and select the ones appropriate for your organization.

Define an EA Operating Model – Phase 5: Operational Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Operational Plan, will help you build a communication plan and roadmap to efficiently navigate through enterprise change, and involve the...

EA Roadmap

This template is designed to help you formulate a roadmap to keep the operating model on schedule.
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