IT Strategy Executive Summary Illustrative Example

This example will show you a completed IT strategy executive summary.

Survive an Impending Audit

A failed audit can result in punitive fines and injunctions that disrupt continuing operations until violations are resolved. These highly visible failures are best...
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Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire CloudCherry

Cisco has announced its intent to acquire CloudCherry, boosting its contact center portfolio.

TechSee Unveils World’s First AI-Powered Visual Recognition

TechSee has released the world’s first AI-powered visual recognition for contact centers, which identifies and detects problems with a product model via images submitted...

Enhance Your Application Architecture – Phase 2: Assess Current Application Architecture

This phase of the blueprint, Enhance Your Application Architecture, will help you assess your current architecture.

Build a Strategic Workforce Plan – Phase 3: Build and Monitor the SWP

The effort you put in place to fill workforce gaps needs to be appropriate for the benefits you hope to achieve. Fiercely prioritize your initiatives and ensure the...

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Template

This template helps you ensure that your business architecture practice receives the resources, visibility, and support it needs in order to be successful, by helping you...

Align Infrastructure Architecture to Business Value – Phases 1-2

This storyboard will help you create an infrastructure architecture to translate stakeholder objectives into infrastructure requirements. Incorporate infrastructure...

Align Infrastructure Architecture to Business Value – Phase 1: Identify Services Impacted by Business Strategy

This phase of the blueprint, Identify Services Impacted by Business Strategy, will help you understand the current business situation and identify the top business directives.

Create a Right-Sized Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework – Phase 4: EA Governing Bodies

Set up EA governing bodies to provide guidance and foster a collaborative environment by identifying the correct number of EA governing bodies, defining the game plan to...
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