Avoid the PIA Trap, Integrate PbD Early in Your AppDev Process

Accelerate your application’s GDPR compliance with data protection by design.

Are Regulations and Compliance Better With Cloud?

The migration to external services has pushed regulation and compliance to the forefront of discussions. Are we as an organization at a greater risk in moving to external...

Level 2 Project Charter Template

Use this template to create a project charter for medium-sized, moderate-risk projects.

10 Days of Policies

Manage your IT processes and procedures effectively by leveraging Info-Tech’s research on IT policy management and implementation. Each of these ten policy pieces...

Blowing up the status quo: Brexit will impact IT in the UK and beyond

The Brexit vote says Leave. UK-based IT leaders must start to plan for a potentially new era of trans-border data flow and the availability of IT staff. Those in the rest...

Revive Your Risk Management Program with a Regular Health Check – Phase 1: Refine IT Risk Management Governance

Use this phase to perform a retrospective of your IT risk management program and create an improvement plan.

Risk Management Program Improvement Plan

Jump-start operational improvements to your IT risk management program by generating this Risk Management Program Improvement Plan.

Revive Your Risk Management Program with a Regular Health Check – Phase 2: Reassess IT Risk Events and Identify New Threats

Use this phase to re-assess previously identified risk events and identify new threats.

Revive Your Risk Management Program with a Regular Health Check – Phase 3: Develop Risk Responses and Communicate Priorities to the Business

Use this phase to establish monitoring responsibilities, develop risk responses, and communicate your risk priorities to the business.

IT Risk Management Executive Brief Template

A sample presentation for communicating the success of the IT risk management program, obtaining investment for IT risk projects, and maintaining executive sponsorship.
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