Enterprise Architecture

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire CloudCherry

Cisco has announced its intent to acquire CloudCherry, boosting its contact center portfolio.

TechSee Unveils World’s First AI-Powered Visual Recognition

TechSee has released the world’s first AI-powered visual recognition for contact centers, which identifies and detects problems with a product model via images submitted...

Enhance Your Application Architecture – Phase 2: Assess Current Application Architecture

This phase of the blueprint, Enhance Your Application Architecture, will help you assess your current architecture.

Build a Strategic IT Workforce Plan – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to discover how Info-Tech can help you build a strategic workforce plan for IT.

Google Stocks Ammunition in the War Against Deepfakes

Google continues to be an ally in the war against deepfake deception, releasing a large dataset of video deepfakes that it has produced with the intent of helping...

Select an EA Tool Based on Business and User Need – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you select an EA tool based on the needs of relevant EA tool stakeholders.

Create an IT Sourcing Strategy – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out how creating a holistic IT sourcing strategy can help your IT organization drive more value at an optimal cost.

Align Infrastructure Architecture to Business Value – Phase 2: Prioritize Gaps and Identify Solution Options

This phase of the blueprint, Prioritize Gaps and Identify Solution Options, will help you identify the source of deficiencies by looking at individual components, flows,...

Enterprise Architecture and Agile

From the business architecture perspective, agility is the ability to quickly change structurally and operationally to react to external changes or to create new business...

How to Work With the Archi Open Source Architecture Software

Archi is an excellent tool that enables architecture modeling.
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