Enterprise Architecture - Templates & Policies

IT and Customer Alignment Project Charter

Win the support of your stakeholders by demonstrating how this project supports their business drivers.

IT and Customer Alignment Project Communication Plan Template

Document the key messages, mediums, and logistics of important communications.

IT and Customer Alignment Stakeholder Presentation Template

Update stakeholders on your IT and Customer Alignment plans to inspire them to help IT achieve its goals.

Training Plan Template

Use this Training Plan as a starting point for outlining how you will bring your employees up to speed on changes.

Corporate Strategy Interview Guide

This template is used to conduct stakeholder interviews for the purpose of understanding corporate strategy.

IT Data Audit Report Guidance

​Use this template to determine what needs to be executed within the scope of the data audit.

Data Audit Interview Schedule

​Use the Data Audit Interview Schedule to ensure you organize interviews with the proper data audit participants.

Data Audit Project Charter

The data audit project will not launch without a solid structure and executive support. This template is designed to effectively and efficiently portray information...

Data Change Communication Plan Template

The Data Change Communication Plan will help ensure stakeholders are aware of the data changes happening, how it will affect them, and when it will occur. The...

Data Audit Stakeholder Interview Guide

Data owners, data stewards, and end users are the ones who use the data on a day-to-day basis and will be able to provide the best information regarding ongoing data...
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