Enterprise Architecture - Storyboard

Build a Next Generation BI with a Game-Changing BI Strategy – Phase 2: Evaluate the Current BI Practice

This phase of the blueprint will guide you through conducting a BI practice assessment to determine the BI maturity level as well as detailed assessments for the BI...

Implement Your ESB Using a Stepwise Approach – Phase 2: Test and Implement Your ESB Pilot Project

This phase of the blueprint, Test and Implement Your ESB Pilot Project, will help you to follow a systematic approach to implementing a pilot project of the ESB.

Storyboard: Establish an Effective PMO for IT

Implementing a PMO can help to ensure that resources are being used effectively, projects are completed successfully, standardized processes are being followed, and...

Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phases 1-3

Risk is an unavoidable part of IT. And what you don't know, CAN hurt you. The question is, do you tackle risk head-on or leave it to chance? Get a handle on risk...

Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 1: Review IT Risk Fundamentals and Governance

Review the foundations of IT risk management and establish a robust governance framework.

Enhance Your Application Architecture – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you develop an application architecture that will support and drive the development of your business capabilities and application systems.

Enhance Your Application Architecture – Phase 1: Define Stakeholder Objectives

This phase of the blueprint, Enhance Your Application Architecture, will help you define the objectives and quality attributes driving your application architecture.

Revive Your Risk Management Program with a Regular Health Check – Phases 1-3

You’ve identified the most important IT risks and implemented projects to protect IT and the business, but your risk assessment is now out of date. Perform regular health...

Align Infrastructure Architecture to Business Value – Phase 2: Prioritize Gaps and Identify Solution Options

This phase of the blueprint, Prioritize Gaps and Identify Solution Options, will help you identify the source of deficiencies by looking at individual components, flows,...

Implement a New Organizational Structure – Phases 1-3

IT leaders often lack the experience and time to effectively execute on organizational changes. Info-Tech’s organizational design implementation program will provide you...
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