Build a Business-Aligned Data Architecture Optimization Strategy – Phase 3: Create Your Tactical Data Architecture Roadmap

This phase, Create Your Tactical Data Architecture Roadmap, will help you to dig down into the identified tactics from Phase 2 to create personalized initiatives that...

Data Architecture Driver Pattern Identification Tool

A data architecture that does not align with strategy can cause inefficient, inaccurate, and delayed decision making, or even waste resources in low-value areas. This...

Data Architect

This template is designed to help you create a job description for a data architect.

Project Stakeholder and Impact Assessment Tool

Use this tool to identify project stakeholders and the impact that the project will have on them, as well as the reaction you expect to receive from the stakeholders.

Level 1 Project Charter Template

Use this template to create a concise project charter for small, low-risk projects.

Level 2 Project Charter Template

Use this template to create a project charter for medium-sized, moderate-risk projects.

Build an Extensible Data Warehouse Foundation

Data warehouse projects are some of the most challenging projects for IT because of its complexity, but it is still a technology that helps you gain competitiveness. The...
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Break Open Your DAM With Intuitive Metadata – Phases 1-3

Findability of your key digital assets is crucial to critical marketing and operational efforts to drive business results and enhance productivity. Use this research to...

Digital Asset Inventory Tool

Use this tool to centralize the organization’s critical digital assets and help clarify the objectives of the project for identified digital assets.

Break Open Your DAM With Intuitive Metadata – Executive Brief

Read our condensed Executive Brief to find out why you should develop a digital asset management program, review Info-Tech's methodology, and understand the different...
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