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ECM Selection and Implementation Project Charter Template

Use this template to document the scope and planning of your ECM selection and implementation project. Project charters are critical to efficient and effective resource...

ECM Solution Requirements Template

Use this tool to collect ECM requirements in alignment with the major functional areas identified in Info-Tech's ECM technology framework.

ECM Vendor Response Template

Use this template to regulate communications from vendors in response to your RFP.

ECM Work Breakdown Structure Template

Use this template to document the tasks, sequence of tasks, task ownership, and task dependencies required to successfully implement an ECM into your IT landscape and...

ECM Vendor Demo Script Template

Use this template to support your evaluation of vendors and their ECM products. Once complete, this template will provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to...

Data Warehouse Modernization Stakeholder Interview Guide

Use this template to facilitate discussions with business stakeholder to get ideas for modernizing the data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Modernization Technology Architectural Template

Use these sample architecture diagrams to develop the future state of your data warehouse architecture based on what technology will support business needs.

Data Warehouse Modernization Deployment Plan

Use this template to summarize the outputs of the blueprint activities and present a modernization roadmap with the associated benefits.

Level 1 Project Charter Template

Use this template to create a concise project charter for small, low-risk projects.

Level 2 Project Charter Template

Use this template to create a project charter for medium-sized, moderate-risk projects.
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