Data & Business Intelligence - Storyboard

Design Data-as-a-Service – Phase 1: Understand Data Ecosystem

This phase will provide clear benefits of adopting the DaaS framework and solid rationale for moving towards a more connected data ecosystem and avoiding data silos.

Design Data-as-a-Service – Phase 2: Design Data Product

This phase will leverage design thinking methodology and templates to document your most important data products.

Design Data-as-a-Service – Phase 3: Establish a DaaS Framework

This phase will provide a step-by-step guide to capture internal and external data sources critical to data products success for the organization and document end to end...

Sprint Toward Data-Driven Culture Using DataOps – Phases 1-3

The pains of poor data operations are felt throughout an organization, from pressures on data analyst to produce insights without proper practice to operationalize...

Sprint Toward Data-Driven Culture Using DataOps – Phase 1: Discover Benefits of DataOps

This phase helps understand benefits of DataOps will help you to understand the reasons why organizations are looking to establish agile principles in their data...

Sprint Toward Data-Driven Culture Using DataOps – Phase 2: Assess Your Data Practice for DataOps

This phase analyzes DataOps using Info-Tech DataOps use case framework, will help you to identify the gaps your data practices that map all data use cases that need to...

Sprint Toward Data-Driven Culture Using DataOps – Phase 3: Mature Your DataOps Practice

This phase helps you mature your data practice by putting in the right people in the right roles, establishing DataOps metrics, communication plan, DataOps best practices...

Create an Architecture for AI – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you assess and define the architecture to support AI within the organization.

Create an Architecture for AI – Phase 1: Assess Business Use Cases for AI Readiness

Assess your current AI maturity.

Create an Architecture for AI – Phase 2: Design Your Target State

Build a target state architecture for AI.
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