Data & Business Intelligence - Solution Sets

AI Governance

To ensure responsible, transparent, and ethical AI systems, organizations will need to review existing risk control frameworks and update them to include AI risk...

Virtual Data Room Guide

This guide will explain the purpose, uses, and what to look out for when acquiring a virtual data room solution. It will also go through a brief provider comparison to...

Adopting e-Signature

Organizations are expected to offer digital, self-serve experiences, including approving important transactions, especially with modern businesses embracing flexible work...

Develop an Enterprise Content Management Strategy and Roadmap

The volume of content in organizations continues to grow exponentially. As a result, the need for an ECM strategy is increasingly apparent in organizations everywhere –...
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Build Your Data Practice and Platform

Info-tech's approach provides a proven methodology that includes following: - Business-aligned data initiatives and capabilities that address data challenges and...
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Drive Business Value With Off-the-Shelf AI

This blueprint provides a framework that will guide organizations through the selection of an off-the-shelf AI product. To guarantee success of the off-the-shelf AI...

Run Better Meetings

The pandemic introduced many to the importance of running meetings well, whether they are held in person, remotely, or in a hybrid delivery model. You have an opportunity...
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Select Your Data Platform

Data platform selection should be based on common best practices and, at the same time, be optimized for the organization’s specific needs and goals and support an...
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Get Started With Artificial Intelligence

Use this blueprint to understand what AI really means in practice and to get started with your AI explorations to harness its transformative power.
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Create an Architecture for AI

For AI to be able to answer questions or discover new relationships, it needs an underlining architecture that not only describes the data AI will operate on but also...
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