Email Security Gateway Vendor Demo Script

Allowing vendors to run a product demonstration without your guidance will only highlight their strengths and present a subjective and skewed view of their product offering.

Develop an ECM Strategy and Roadmap – Phase 2: Understand the Current ECM Operations and Determine the Future ECM Capability

This phase of the blueprint, Develop an ECM Strategy Roadmap, will help you conduct an ECM operational assessment, identify improvement opportunities, and determine...

ECM Strategy Roadmap Creation Tool

Using a five-step process, this tool will assist you in creating a comprehensive roadmap that will address improvement opportunities and realize your visions for the...

Building Company Communication and Collaboration Technology Improvement Plan Executive Presentation

Use this template to communicate your approach to communication and collaboration technology to stakeholders.

Establish a Communication and Collaboration System Strategy – Phase 2: Map a Path Forward

This phase of the blueprint, Establish a Communication and Collaboration System Strategy, will help you create a path forward.

Migrate to Office 365 Now – Phase 3: Build the Roadmap

This phase of the blueprint will help you build out a structured process for roadmap building. You will systematically outline the major milestones of migration and build...

Information Curator

The role of an Information Curator is to ensure that all content is available for informational use within an organization allowing for information flow to maximize...

Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you craft an efficient and effective information lifecycle management practice, as part of your overall ECM program.

eDiscovery Process Communication Plan Template

This communication plan template provides a structure for managing ongoing communications between stakeholders over the course of the project.

Storyboard: Select and Implement an Email Security Gateway

ESG solutions must maintain conventional email security against vast amounts of spam and malware and must be equipped to detect spear phishing attacks while enabling easy...
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