Develop an ECM Strategy and Roadmap – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why the time to act is now. IT must transform the organization's ECM capability to connect decision makers to information and...

ECM Capability Governance Charter Template

The purpose of this template is to assist in the creation of your ECM capability governance charter. The template will help you identify and define the capability...

People Are Dismissing Slack and Settling for Microsoft Teams

A report from ETR shows that Slack adoption is declining among Large Enterprises, while Teams is gaining market share. SoftwareReviews data suggests that this will be a...

Sacrificing Pets: Optimizing Collaboration Tools for Professional Teams

Everyone works differently and so too do teams. It doesn’t make sense to force everyone to use the same tools for collaboration. IT needs to engage and, well, collaborate...

OpenText and SAP Team Up to Smooth the Information Experience

Business users want their information easily and quickly, regardless of whether it is structured data or unstructured content. OpenText’s announcement of content services...

Implement a Content Curator Playbook

Instead of viewing enterprise content management as a system which stores content that is accessible to everyone, think of it as the organization’s ability to recall that...
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Implement a Content Curator Playbook – Phases 1-2

Read this storyboard to understand why you should transform the management of your enterprise content from a system to a role.

Implement a Content Curator Playbook – Phase 1: Reclaim Time Lost to Difficult Data Recall

This phase of the blueprint, Implement a Content Curator Playbook, will help you understand what content your knowledge workers are spending the most time searching for.

Implement a Content Curator Playbook – Phase 2: Build Recall Muscle Memory Centered Around a Curator

This phase of the blueprint, Implement a Content Curator Playbook, will help you shift governance of content from a feature to a curator role.

Information Domain Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to determine the scope of your ECM governance program by assessing the value and risk of your information domains.
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