Webinar: Design Data-as-a-Service

To drive future data growth we must move toward a well-developed data marketplace and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) framework.

AI Registers: Finally, a Tool to Increase Transparency in AI/ML

Transparency, explainability, and trust are pressing topics in AI/ML today. While much has been written about why these are important and what organizations should do, no...

Webinar: Build a Reporting and Analytics Strategy

Your reporting and analytics strategy must support the organization’s strategy – it provides direction and requirements for data accumulation, augmentation, and...

A Consensus Is Emerging: AI Regulation Must Be a Global Effort That’s Values-Driven, Risk-Based, and Evidence-Informed

Governments are starting to regulate AI. The current efforts are still rather fragmented, but a consensus is emerging. Read our summary from a recent event, the Athens...

Data Quality Practice Assessment and Project Planning Tool

Use this tool to perform a detailed assessment of your organization's data quality practice capabilities and identify gaps that will direct your overall data quality...

Build Your Data Quality Program – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to understand the importance of data quality, Info-Tech’s methodology for conquering data quality challenges, and how we will support you...

Build Your Data Quality Program – Phases 1-4

Poor data quality is an ever-present challenge facing virtually every organization. This blueprint will help you establish a comprehensive strategy to remedy your most...

Data Lineage Diagram Template

Use this template to create a data lineage diagram – a tool that will help give context to data quality issue root cause analyses and solutioning.

Data Quality Problem Statement Template

One of the biggest challenges in data quality is determining the actual data quality problem. Use this template to identify the data quality problems that are facing the...

BI Strategy and Roadmap Template

Use this template throughout this project to document findings as you conduct and complete assessments and key ideas and opportunities for your BI program.
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