Microsoft Azure Synapse Starts Performance Benchmark Race With Amazon RedShift and Google BigQuery

Microsoft claims its newly announced Azure Synapse Analytics service is four times faster than Amazon Redshift and 75 times faster than Google BigQuery. This announcement...

AWS Lake Formation Takes Pain Out of Data Lakes

AWS Lake Formation makes it easier for users to set up and manage data lakes. But organizations will face challenges in determining how to derive value from their data lakes.

Tracking Data Lineage Across the Organization

Data lineage is very often mentioned in the discussions around data management, data governance, data quality, BI, reporting, and analytics. Let’s have a closer look at...

Cloudera Takes Steps Towards Open Standards for DataOps

DataOps is a complex topic. Industry leaders such as LinkedIn, Airbnb, and Uber have created their own operations platforms. Without open standards currently in place,...

Building a Data Catalog That Meets Your Needs

Most of the well-established data catalog tools (a.k.a. “data governance tools”) are far from covering all requirements for proper data cataloging – but help seems to be...

2020 Applications Priorities Report Storyboard

Info-Tech’s 2020 Applications Priorities Report explores five initiatives that IT should prioritize for the year that will position the organization to leap ahead of the...

2020 Applications Priorities Report – Executive Brief

Read the executive brief for a summary of the priorities and themes that an IT organization should focus on this year.

Talend Now Supports Microsoft Azure for Its Complete Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Suite

Establishing a proper integration strategy and platform is complex. Many vendors offer some level of data integration support either in a cloud or in an on-premises...

VoltDB Secures $10 Million in Series C Funding to Meet Demand for 5G Data Requirements

VoltDB is at the forefront of in-memory database solutions that support 5G. Securing $10 million funding will ensure VoltDB stays at the leading edge in this tech space.

Anzo Enables Data Management and Analytics Across Structured and Unstructured Data

Cambridge Semantics enhanced its Anzo platform to enable data management and analytics over both structured and unstructured data, the firm announced in an August 22...
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