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Adopt Design Thinking in Your Organization – Phases 1-3

Design thinking is not a new concept. Many organizations have tried it; some have dismissed it as a “management fad" or "simple techniques." This research will assist...

Adopt Design Thinking in Your Organization – Phase 1: What Is Design Thinking?

The focus of this phase is on revealing what designers do during the activity of designing, and on building an understanding of the nature of design ability.

Victor Scheinman's Experiment for Design

A case study to illuminate a world-famous designer's approach to solve a problem.

Adopt Design Thinking in Your Organization – Phase 2: How Does an Organization Benefit From Design Thinking?

This phase will illustrate the relevance of design in strategy formulation and in service-design. At the core of this phase are several case studies that illuminate these...

Trends Matrix (Sample)

A tool to capture the trends in tech, market, business, people, and culture that impact your organization.

Adopt Design Thinking in Your Organization – Phase 3: How Do You Build a Design Organization?

The focus of this phase is to measure the design-centricity of your organization and subsequently, identify the areas for improvement. Define an approach for a design...

Report on How Design-Centric Is Your Organization (Sample)

A sample report illustrating your organization’s strengths and weaknesses towards design-centricity and the areas for improvement.

Approach for the Design Program (Sample)

A sample artifact illustrating the approach for the design program in your organization. This also includes a roadmap for raising the design-centricity of the...

Interview With David Dunne on Design Thinking

An interview with David Dunne on design thinking. Dunne is a Professor at the University of Victoria (UVic) and is internationally considered an expert in design thinking...

Gov 2.0: Government as a Platform

Government as a Platform is the right thought and execution model for a digital government.
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