Strategy & Governance

IT Strategy Template

This template contains a completed IT strategy filled with examples ready to be tailored to your organization.

Rapidly Develop an IT Strategy – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the benefits of creating IT strategy and how Info-Tech's methodology can assist you.

Rapidly Develop an IT Strategy – Phases 1-3

CIOs must understand both business and IT in terms of goals, capabilities, and initiatives to effectively build and execute a roadmap.

IT Strategy Review – Concierge Experience

As CIO, creating an IT strategy is likely your top priority. But there’s no one standard IT strategy format – and implementing a poorly built or poorly received IT...

Digital Maturity Assessment and Improvement – Concierge Experience

Senior IT leaders like you are increasingly challenged to develop digital strategies for your organization. This can be one of the most significant challenges you face,...

IT Benchmarking – Concierge Experience

Before you make crucial staffing or operational decisions, you want – and need – to know how you measure up against your peers. Major IT transformations often start with...

Finastra Launches Securities Financing Transaction Regulation Support

Finastra launches securities financing transaction regulation (SFTR) support ahead of the European Union’s April 11, 2020 deadline.

Create Your Digital Strategy – Executive Brief

The executive brief introduces you to the five domains of digital strategy: Customer, Competition, Data, Operations, and Value. This artifact puts forth a case to create...

Create Your Digital Strategy – Phases 1-5

This storyboard will help you create your digital strategy through consideration across five domains of your organization: Customer; Competition; Data; Operations and...

Digital Strategy Playbook

Use this tool to identify areas of innovation around customer network strategies, data and operational transformation, and create a forward looking value proposition for...
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