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Stellar Protocol 11 Improvements: Part 3

The article addresses and explains the benefits outlined by Protocol 11 network upgrade.

Stellar Protocol 11 Improvements: Part 2

The article addresses and explains the benefits outlined by Protocol 11 network upgrade.

It Takes an Enterprise to Raise a Digital Workspace

VMware and Citrix are promoting their flagship digital workspaces to CIOs as a way to improve employee engagement. If you implement them without stakeholder involvement,...

Why IBM Built World Wire

In March 2019, IBM announced the launch on World Wire, a real-time global payment system built on the Stellar Network.

Canadian Law Firms Collaborate With OpenLaw on the Ethereum Platform to Automate M&A Escrow Agreements

Even though Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin thinks the term “smart contract” is a misnomer for the technology he helped build, a pilot project by Canadian law firms...

Dual Screen Laptops Will Open the Door to Enterprise IT Innovation

At COMPUTEX 2019, Intel, Asus, and HP unveiled gaming laptop prototypes with two screens. Start a proof-of-concept now to boost your innovation credibility.

Free Privacy Tool Released by RADAR, LLC

A new breach reporting requirements tool released by RADAR, LLC ensures that users stay up-to-date with their obligations.

Workforce Management Software Takes Its Rightful Place on the World Software Stage

The time for fully integrated workforce management software (WMS) is now! Recent launches, collaboration, and international partnerships by leading software vendors have...

Initiatives Consolidation Tool

Use this tool to consolidate initiatives from improvement opportunities, interview summaries, and in-flight initiatives within your organization.

Digital Maturity Sample Project Deliverable

This sample deliverable helps you comprehend the various outputs of your digital maturity project.
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