Strategy & Governance - Templates & Policies

100-Day Plan SWOT Analysis Template

Learn the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect the department or organization.

100-Day Plan Template

Create a 100-day plan as a new IT leader.

Innovation Working Group Charter

Build an Innovation Working Group to facilitate your organizational innovation initiative.

Idea Document

Use Info-Tech’s Idea Document Template to document new ideas in a format that be easily reviewed and assessed by the innovation team.

Prototyping Workbook

Use the Prototyping Workbook to plan and execute prototyping, collect evidence gathered during each iteration of prototyping, and document findings.

Prototype Assessment

Use the Prototype Assessment template to document the feedback collected from a single iteration of prototyping, and determine which feedback is vital for successive...

Compliance Plan Template

This template is used to consolidate the compliance management initiative for the purpose of tracking and monitoring progress and ensuring accountability.

Compliance Communication Plan Template

This template is used to structure communication related to compliance changes such as new policies, changes to operating procedures, and remedial measures due to...

Document Management Template

This template is used to manage documentation attributes for better tracking, it also contains a checklist to ensure documents can be properly tracked and easily located...

External Compliance Interview Guide

This template is used to conduct stakeholder interviews for the purpose of confirming compliance.
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