Strategy & Governance - Storyboard

Build an IT Budget That Demonstrates Value Delivery – Phase 2: Build

This phase of the blueprint will help you forecast operating costs using incremental budgeting and capital costs using zero-based budgeting techniques.

Build an IT Budget That Demonstrates Value Delivery – Phase 3: Sell

This phase of the blueprint will help you communicate the value IT delivers to the organization using the budget. It will help you create an effective presentation and...

Optimize the IT Operating Model – Phase 3: Determine the Target IT Operating Model

Select implementation models for the four core elements of the IT operating model. Optimize governance, sourcing, process, and organizational structure to create the...

Build a Business-Aligned IT Strategy – Phases 1-4

Use this storyboard to learn about Info-Tech's approach to building an IT strategy, including scope, past performance, building your key initiative plan and operational...

IT Service Management Selection Guide – Phases 1-2

Use this blueprint to build your business case and define requirements to find an ITSM solution to meet your immediate and future needs.

Document Business Goals and Capabilities for Your IT Strategy – Storyboard

CIOs must understand the business context to create and obtain buy-in for strategic IT initiatives (e.g. IT strategy, IT budget).

Assert IT's Relevance During Digital Transformations – Phases 1-3

CIOs must understand their role in digital transformations to effectively deliver value through digital to the business.

Assert IT's Relevance During Digital Transformations – Phase 1: Define Digital

This phase of Assert IT's Relevance in Digital Transformations will help you define what digital means to your organization and IT's role in digital.

CIO Trend Report 2018 – The Four Trends

Trend reports provide an academic outlook on emerging technologies. This report discusses four trends facing the CIO in 2018 and their impact on business enablers.

CIO Trend Report 2018 – User-Facing AI

Read this section of the 2018 CIO Trend Report to understand the state and impact of user-facing AI.
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