Strategy & Governance - Storyboard

Make IT a Successful Partner in M&A Integration – Phase 4: Develop an Integration Roadmap

Following discovery, build an integration roadmap to achieve the technology end-state.

Build a Strategic Workforce Plan – Phase 2: Analyze Workforce Needs

Your workforce is more than the jobs you have. For a holistic picture, you need to consider your organization’s culture, competencies, and potential.

Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog – Phase 2: Identify and Define Enterprise Services

The Identify and Define Enterprise Services phase will help you target enterprise services offered by your IT team. They are offered to everyone in the organization and...

Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog – Phase 3: Identify and Define Line of Business Services

After completing this phase, you should have identified all services IT offers to each LOB or functional group. Each group should receive different services and display...

Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog – Phase 4: Complete Service Definitions

Completing the services definition chart will help your business pick which information you want to include in the catalog. This phase also prepares your catalog to be...

Implement IT Chargeback – Phase 1: Launch

In the launch phase, you will make the case for IT chargeback. You will then assess the financial maturity of the organization and identify a pathway to success. Lastly,...

Implement IT Chargeback – Phase 4: Revise

In the revise phase, you will gather and analyze feedback from business owners. Necessary modifications will be made to the chargeback model and the implications will be...

Reduce IT Spend at Small Enterprise Organizations Storyboard

Cost control is a necessary part of effective IT governance. It’s also a smart general business practice. Use the research to identify cost cutting initiatives and...

Create an IT View of the Service Catalog – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you extend your service catalog to include the technical components and processes required to deliver each service.

Create an IT View of the Service Catalog – Phase 2: Identify Service-Specific Technology

This phase of the blueprint will introduce a method for finding service-specific technologies and documenting them appropriately for use in the catalog.
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