Strategy & Governance - Storyboard

Take the Pain out of IT Policies – Phase 2: Draft and Implement

This phase of the blueprint, Draft & Implement, will help you use input from key stakeholders to write clear, consistent, and concise policies that people will actually...

Take the Pain out of IT Policies – Phase 3: Monitor, Enforce, Revise

This phase of the blueprint, Monitor, Enforce, Revise, will help you use your policies to create a compliance culture in your organization, set KPIs, and track policy...

Position IT to Support and Be a Leader in Open Data Initiatives – Phase 1: Set the Foundation for the Success of Your Open Data Program

This phase of the blueprint, Position IT to Support and Be a Leader in Open Data Initiatives, will help you identify your open data program's current state maturity and...

Become a Strategic CIO – Phases 1-4

CIOs have to act now and arm themselves with the competencies required to become a strategic business partner and earn a seat at the table with their executive peers.

Become a Strategic CIO – Phase 2: Assess

Assess your strategic CIO competencies and executive stakeholder relationships to assist with your personal development goals.

CIO Trends Report 2017 – The Eight Trends

CIOs need a framework to develop concrete insight into what the future is likely to bring, and how it might impact how they operate IT and how their organization does...

Initiate Your Service Management Program – Storyboard

Derive full value out of service management by running it like a program with defined goals that are tied to business needs and governance that keeps decisions aligned to...

Develop Meaningful Service Metrics – Phases 1-3

Develop the right service metrics to tie IT service performance to business value and user experience. This will enable immediate stakeholder value and reinforce...

Become a Strategic CIO – Phase 3: Plan

Explore a variety of actions to address your competency gaps. Proceed to create a personal development plan and stakeholder management strategy.

Move from Firefighter to Reliable Operator – Phases 1-4

IT departments in a firefighting state can’t gain control of their operations, deliver acceptable levels of service to the business, or sustain stability for...
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