Strategy & Governance - Storyboard

Plan Your Digital Transformation on a Page – Phase 4: Sustain Digital Transformation

Create, polish, and socialize the Digital Strategy on a Page.

Accelerate Digital Transformation With a Digital Factory – Storyboard

Digital factories help organizations with their digital transformation. This storyboard will help you establish a successful digital factory.

2021 CIO Priorities Report: Priority 1 – Create an Appropriate Budget Reserve

Identifying and planning sources of financial contingency will help ensure CIOs can meet unforeseen and emergent operational and business needs throughout the year.

2021 CIO Priorities Report: Priority 2 – Refocus IT Risk Planning

Get proactive about the supply chain challenges your department may face in the year ahead.

2021 CIO Priorities Report: Priority 3 – Strengthen Organizational Change Management Capabilities

At its heart, resilience is having the capacity to deal with unexpected change. Organizational change management can help build up this capacity.

2021 CIO Priorities Report: Priority 4 – Establish Capacity Awareness

Capacity awareness facilitates resilience by enabling proactive planning through usable resourcing data. With this data, CIOs can make better decisions on what can be...

2021 CIO Priorities Report: Priority 5 – Keep Emerging Technologies in View

Keep an up-to-date view of emerging technologies to enable resilient planning, and capitalize on and deploy leading-edge innovations as the business requires.

Define Your Digital Business Strategy – Phases 1-5

This storyboard will help you create your digital strategy through consideration across five domains of your organization: Customer; Competition; Data; Operations and...

2020 Tech Trend Report – The Four Trends

Learn how four key trends in 2020 require businesses to find their place in an AI-driven ecosystem. There is no longer any business that's too big to disrupt and business...

Three Principles for Building a Smart City

​This keynote presentation suggests that smart cities shouldn’t just be smart – they should be street-smart. The presentation walks you through what makes a smart and...
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