Strategy & Governance - Storyboard

Lead Strategic Decision Making With Service Portfolio Management – Phase 5: Manage and Communicate the Service Portfolio

This phase of the blueprint will help you successfully communicate the benefits of service portfolio management and implement the process across the organization.

Become a Transformational CIO – Phases 1-6

This storyboard will help you plan for the evolution of your role to that of a leader who proactively identifies and capitalizes on opportunities for business transformation.

Become a Transformational CIO – Phase 1: Are You Ready to Lead Transformation?

The first step in this journey is to determine whether you and your IT organization are ready for a mandate of leading transformation.

Become a Transformational CIO – Phase 2: Build Business Partnerships

The CIO shouldn't approach business transformation alone. Building business partnerships will provide the CIO with means to identify opportunities for transformation and...

Become a Transformational CIO – Phase 3: Develop the Capability to Transform

The CIO must position the IT organization to be successful when faced with a new mandate. IT organizations that have successfully enabled business transformation have...

Become a Transformational CIO – Phase 4: Shift IT’s Focus to the Customer

IT is uniquely positioned, with a view across the entire organization, to support the customer experience from end to end. It is time to shift the focus of IT to the customer.

Become a Transformational CIO – Phase 5: Adopt a Transformational Approach to Leadership

Transformational leaders display a distinct set of behaviors that can be learned and adopted. The transformational CIO finds ways to delegate both operational and...

Become a Transformational CIO – Phase 6: Sustain the Transformational Capability

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. A primary reason that transformational initiatives fail is the lack of clear metrics that can guide execution and gauge success.

Implement a New IT Organizational Structure – Phases 1-3

IT leaders often lack the experience and time to effectively execute on organizational changes. Info-Tech’s organizational design implementation program will provide you...

Implement a New Organizational Structure – Phase 1: Build a Change Communication Strategy

This phase of the blueprint, Implement a New Organizational Structure, will help you launch your organizational design change project and recruit your implementation team.
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