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2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 4 Podcast: How will we work with AI in 2035?

Interview with Timothy Minahan, EVP Strategy and CMO, Citrix

2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 5 Podcast: The flexible future of cloud computing with Aptum

Interview with Craig Tavares, Global Head of Cloud, Aptum

2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 6 Podcast: Microsoft's plan to become carbon negative by 2030

Interview with Michelle Lancaster, Director of Sustainability Partnerships, Microsoft

2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 1 Podcast: AI as fashion designer with Idris Mootee

Interview with Idris Mootee, CEO and cofounder, Urbancoolab; author of Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 2 Podcast: How the Citizen Developer helps solve local community problems

Interview with Skaidra Puodziunas, Senior Engagement Advisor, Ontario Digital Service

2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 3 Podcast: Championship analytics with MLSE

Interview with Sumit Arora, Senior Director, Strategy & Analytics Digital Labs, MLSE

Frictionless hybrid working: How the Harvard Business School did it

Hear how Elizabeth Clark is reducing the friction of a hybrid operating model on this episode, part of our mini-series to highlight Info-Tech's CIO Priorities for 2022.

Close call with ransomware: A CIO recounts a near security nightmare

Actor Michael Bedford lends a voice to our anonymous CIO in this case study, and Info-Tech’s Senior Director of Security Workshops Sandy Silk provides analysis.

How a financial services company dodged "The Great Resignation"

By implementing an employee-first experience, Jeff Previte moved a 60% turnover rate to 10% in just a few years time. He tells us how to set priorities to keep your staff.

How Allianz took a blockchain platform from pilot to 1 million transactions

Allianz Chief Architect Bob Crozier shares how his team went from an exploratory interest in Ethereum smart contracts to "burning the ships" and retiring their old...
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