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Action Planning Worksheet

Without a realistic action plan, your engagement survey results will be meaningless data points. The Action Planning Worksheet provides a simple yet comprehensive way to...

Manager Handout: Set Meaningful Employee Performance Measures

Developing employee performance measures may seem like a daunting task for many time-strapped department heads and managers. This handout provides a concise yet...

Basic Business Change Communication Worksheet

To effectively communicate with staff, it is important to put the business rationale behind change and its expectations into writing. This will be very useful when...

New Hire Conversation Guide

The first step to engaging new employees is getting to know them. New hire conversations are informal interviews that should be conducted within the first 90 days of an...

Employee Recognition Program Guide

Use this template to outline the structure of the recognition program.

Implement Effective Employee Development Planning – Phase 1: Assess Employees' Development Needs

This phase of the blueprint Implement Effective Development Planning will help you understand your employees' development needs and assist them in setting appropriate...

Mentoring Program Diagnostic

The Mentoring Program Diagnostic tool helps you to determine your organization's dominant culture (Competitive, Innovative, Cooperative, or Traditional), and then assess...

The First 100 Days As CIO

You’ve been promoted from within or hired externally to the role of CIO. Studies show that two years after a new executive transition, as many as half are regarded as...
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Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why improving employee engagement should be a priority and what the tangible benefits you will experience will be.

Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phases 1-3

Leverage Info-Tech’s Engagement Diagnostic and Deliverables to see dramatic improvements in staff engagement, retention, and productivity.
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