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Difficult Conversations Manager Toolkit

The Difficult Conversations Manager Toolkit is a takeaway guide for managers to use when they need to review tips and tricks for handling a challenging conversation.

Help Managers Inform, Interact, and Involve on the Way to Team Engagement

The responsibility of employee engagement has been abdicated to HR and the executive team for years. It’s time for managers to take ownership.

Candidate Experience Service Level Agreement Template

Draft a service level agreement with talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers to set timelines and procedures that everyone can agree to and that keep the...

Win the War for Talent With a Killer Candidate Experience – Appendix: Data Collection and Workshop Activities

This phase of the blueprint, Win the War for Talent With a Killer Candidate Experience, will help you with data collection and workshop activities.

Build a Better Manager – Self-Governance Phase 3: Train Managers to Manage Conflict Constructively

This phase of the blueprint, Build a Better Manager: Self-Governance, will help you deliver practical training in dealing with conflict and difficult conversations to...

Build a Better Manager: Team Essentials – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why and how you should best support new IT managers’ transition into leadership, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and...

Build a Better Manager: Team Essentials – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you facilitate training for first-time IT managers that specifically targets the skills they need to meet their new people management...

Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

Today, operating environments change quickly, and it is critical that IT departments develop the competencies employees need both today and in the future. Do this...
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Candidate Experience Project Charter

A project charter defines the project and lays the foundation for all subsequent project planning. It is a critical communication tool for the project purpose, scope, and...

Leverage Agile Goal Setting for Improved Employee Engagement & Performance

Without a consistent and agile goal-setting environment that pervades every day, managers risk low productivity and disengaged employees.
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