People & Leadership

Pandemic Preparation – The People Playbook

COVID-19 will have implications on your workforce and the way in which work is carried out. You need to plan and communicate to employees now to mitigate risk of exposure...

Candidate Experience Phase One Data Collection Guide

Use this guide to design surveys and focus groups that gather feedback from new hires and unsuccessful candidates to optimize the candidate experience.

Reimagine Learning in the Face of Crisis Storyboard

Rather than viewing the COVID-19 crisis as a time to stop all learning & development efforts, use this time to pivot from traditional approaches and adjust the way...

Manage Conflict Constructively Facilitation Guide

Use this customizable guide to facilitate manager training in managing conflict constructively.

Why You Should Stay at Home: The Math Behind Social Distancing

With COVID-19 pandemic sweeping through the world, the only thing that seems working to slow the speed of contagion is social distancing. Now there’s a math explaining...

Healthcare: Advice From the COVID-19 Roundtable

On March 25, 2020, Info-Tech led a COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable for Healthcare IT leaders. The focus of this roundtable was to address the top concerns for IT...

Build a Better Manager: Team Essentials – Phase 1: Communicate Effectively

This phase of the blueprint Build a Better Manager will help you deliver practical training in effective communication skills to first-time IT managers.

Drive IT Performance by Monitoring Employee Experience – Phase 3: Measure and Communicate Results

This phase of the blueprint, Drive IT Performance by Monitoring Employee Experience, will help you select and implement engagement initiatives for maximal impact and...

The Complete Manual for COVID-19 Layoffs – Phase III: Prepare to Meet With Employees

Plan logistics, training, and a post-layoff plan communication.

Effectively Manage Remote Teams

Use this training deck to provide six guidelines for managers to effectively manage their teams remotely during COVID 19 office closures.
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