Healthcare: Advice From the COVID-19 Roundtable

On March 25, 2020, Info-Tech led a COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable for Healthcare IT leaders. The focus of this roundtable was to address the top concerns for IT...

What to Do About Employee Wellbeing During a Crisis

The current situation regarding COVID-19 is stressful to say the least and it can be difficult to maintain the balance between precaution and panic within ourselves and...

Leverage Leadership Best Practices to Manage Employee Engagement Through COVID-19

During times of extreme uncertainty, such as during a pandemic, it can be difficult to keep employees engaged. It is essential for leaders to provide clarity and...

Cost-Reduction Planning for IT Vendors

The speed at which IT leaders need to reduce costs is unprecedented. IT faces a momentous challenge to identify and prioritize cost-reduction measures that don’t...

Cost-Reduction Planning for IT Vendors Storyboard

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out how you can reduce your IT cost in the short term while establishing a foundation for long-term sustainment of IT cost...

Cost-Cutting Classification and Prioritization Tool

The purpose of this tool is to create an action plan or mini project plan for the cost-cutting activities required due to emergency or crisis situations.

The Essential Ten-Step Guide to Building & Communicating Your CIO Strategy for COVID-19

This plan is designed to help CIOs build and communicate a clear strategy for the next 90 days. This is a key time for CIOs to demonstrate leadership & technology capability.

Cost Optimization Workbook

Use this tool to develop your cost management action plan.

Cost Optimization Executive Presentation

Use this template to help communicate your cost optimization action plan.

Effectively Manage Remote Teams – Manager Webinar

As the world responds to COVID – 19 and organizations shift to remote work, many managers are required to manage remote teams for the first time. Watch this webinar to...
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