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Focus Group Facilitation Guide Driver Definitions

This printable handout can be used during a focus group activity to remind your staff of the drivers that contribute to employee engagement.

Engagement Survey Results Interpretation Guide

This guide is a handy visual reference that will explain how to interpret the results of your Full or Pulse engagement survey.

IT Team Effectiveness Questionnaire

Use this tool to assess the current effectiveness of your team.

IT Team Effectiveness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to quickly identify focus areas for team improvement.

Improve IT Team Effectiveness Action Plan Tool

Use this tool to outline the necessary steps to improve team performance.

Open Data Maturity Assessment

This tool will help you to assess the maturity level of your open data program using a proven open data maturity framework.

Service Management Agility Assessment Tool

This tool will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in components of service management agility: culture, structure, processes, and resources. Use the result from...

AI Initiative Roadmap

This tool will help you to roadmap your AI initiative with a work schedule, a progress report, and an area to track goals and metrics.

EXM Setup Guide

This guide will help you set up your Employee Experience Monitor survey and configure it for your specific team's needs.

EXM Training Guide for Managers

This is a comprehensive reference guide to empower your management team to access and use the Employee Experience Monitor online dashboard.
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