CIO - Templates & Policies

Organizational Design Communications Deck

This tool will act as a playbook to alter your operating model, document your new organizational structure, and plan for critical communications with key stakeholders....

Work Unit Reference Structures

This template provides a set of sample work unit structures to be altered during the architecture of your target state organizational structure.

Digital Strategy-on-a-Page

This template will allow you to create an executive summary of your digital strategy that will educate stakeholders and inspire change.

Blockchain Glossary

The Blockchain Glossary contains all the important definitions associated with blockchain, offering readers the opportunity to search for key words to understand the...

Blockchain Alignment Presentation

The Blockchain Alignment Presentation will help you to communicate the transformative potential of blockchain, as well as the rationale behind pursuing a use case at your...

IT Digital Strategy Plan Template

This template contains a completed plan for executing the IT department's role in digital, filled with examples ready to be tailored to your organization.

IT Digital Plan Current and Target State Template

This template will help to document the current and target state of digital capabilities.

Business Context Discovery Record Template

Use this template to document the key findings from the business context discovery questions in a format presentable to the business.

Prototype One Pager

Use this template to create a one-pager that summarizes your prototyping results and helps you build a budget pitch.

Risk Assessment Policy – NIST

Use Info-Tech's Risk Assessment Policy to define the parameters of your risk assessment program, including the frequency of evaluation.
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