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COVID-19 Work Status Tracking Guide Storyboard

This guide provides best practices for managers to keep track of new and changing work arrangements without breaching employee trust.

Ensure Your Pandemic Response Plan Is Privacy-Proof Storyboard

Don't let panic negate the need for privacy best practices. Keep privacy at the core of your pandemic response plan and build a program that is time-sensitive, scalable,...

Reinforce End-User Security Awareness During Your COVID-19 Response Storyboard

Augment your security and training program with considerations for remote users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Essential COVID-19 Child Care Policy for Every Organization, Yesterday Storyboard

Holistic strategy to help managers and employees navigate and balance work with care-provider responsibilities.

Pandemic Preparation: The People Playbook

This playbook will help you carry out initial, upfront planning for the people implications connected to COVID-19 pandemic planning. It includes a four-step action plan,...

COVID-19: Don’t Panic – Prepare

IT must take the lead to prepare for the potential risks and impact of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, a strand of coronoavirus.

Streamline Your Management Process to Drive Performance – Phases 1-4

This blueprint will help you understand and develop a Lean management system.

Implement a Lean Management System – Phase 1: Understand Lean Concepts

This phase of the blueprint will help you understand the concepts of Lean management.

Implement a Lean Management System – Phase 2: Determine the Scope of Your Implementation

This phase will help you define the scope of Lean management within your organization.

Implement a Lean Management System – Phase 3: Design Huddle Board

This phase will help you determine the sections and content you want on your initial huddle boards.
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