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Tech Trend Update: If Contact Tracing Then Distributed Trust Storyboard

The concept of distributed trust in technology design has become even more important as mobile contact tracing apps emerge as a tool to help fight COVID-19.

Evolve Your Business Through Innovation Storyboard

While the impacts are still highly uncertain, there are tactics that innovation teams can be pursuing to help their organizations through this period and into a more...

Stabilize Release and Deployment Management – Phases 1-4

Organizations are struggling to keep current with the constant release of new deployments, patches, and updates. Use this blueprint to help you assess gaps in your...

Three Principles for Building a Smart City

​This keynote presentation suggests that smart cities shouldn’t just be smart – they should be street-smart. The presentation walks you through what makes a smart and...

Training Deck: Equip Managers to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams

Use this training deck to conduct management training sessions on managing remote teams. Customize this training deck with your organization's internal processes to...

IT Metrics and Dashboards During a Pandemic Storyboard

This storyboard will help you reassess your organizational goals, build your temporary dashboard, review the dashboard, and plan your actions.

Manage Poor Performance While Working From Home Storyboard

Support managers to address poor performance with remote employees while emergency work-from-home (WFH) measures are in place.

AI and the Future of Enterprise Productivity Trend Report

This report outlines six emerging ways AI is being used in the enterprise, with four future scenarios outlining their possible trajectories. These are designed to guide...

Maintain Employee Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic Storyboard

Employee engagement is most at risk during times of uncertainty. It's crucial for HR and non-HR leaders to focus on adapting efforts to support workplace changes....

The Complete Manual for COVID-19 Layoffs Storyboard

When the economy is negatively influenced by factors beyond an organization’s control, the impact can be felt almost immediately on the bottom line. This decline in...
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