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Accelerate Digital Transformation With a Digital Factory

This blueprint helps enterprises looking to establish a new digital factory or struggling with their existing digital factory.
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Take Control of Cloud Costs on AWS

Develop processes, procedures, and policies to effectively manage cloud costs.
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Adopt Design Thinking in Your Organization

Design thinking is not a new concept. Many organizations have tried it; some have dismissed it as “management fad" or "simple techniques." This research will assist...
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Gov 2.0: Government as a Platform

Government as a Platform is the right thought and execution model for a digital government.
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Review Your Application Strategy

For a strategy to be highly effective and well-received, it needs to be tightly connected to the business goals that drive the organization. An application-enabled...

Start Making Data-Driven People Decisions

There is a statistically significant relationship between analytics used and overall effectiveness for IT departments, but IT leaders know they are missing out by not...
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Adopt Blockchain for Supply Chain Transparency

This blueprint outlines the opportunity for impact that blockchain has for supply chain transparency, how manufacturers are investing, and what you should do about it.

Sustain Work-From-Home in the New Normal

COVID-19 pushed organizations that were previously resistant into an immediate work-from-home experiment. Speed was the priority, so the support and integration into...
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Tech Trend Update: If Digital Ethics Then Data Equity

The COVID-19 crisis demands solutions, and some technologists might insist it's time to move fast and break things. But building new technologies without digital ethics...

Tech Trend Update: If Biosecurity Then Autonomous Edge

In our 2020 Tech Trend Report, we discussed the concept of building out the autonomous edge as a competitive differentiator. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent...
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